Job Opportunities

Nothing right now, sorry!


We are not currently looking for new interns.


Auditions for 2017 will be held in September. More information here. 

The San Francisco Neo-Futurists look for talented writers/directors/performers/performance artists/movers/shakers, and makers to join us for our ongoing run of The Infinite Wrench in San Francisco! As an ensemble member in our company, you will write, direct, and perform in The Infinite Wrench, our ongoing, ever-changing evening of short Neo-Futurist plays.

What is the structure of the audition process?

Auditions happen in two phases: a first round, by-appointment-only slot in which you’ll present a short work of your own creation within the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, and callbacks. Callbacks will take the form of a weekend-long workshop, an intensive course in Neo-Futurism. Attendance will be requested for the entire time.

Auditionees are highly encouraged to attend The Infinite Wrench at SAFEhouse for the Arts Fridays and Saturdays @ 9:00pm.


A note about what we’re looking for.

As a company our goal is “to provide diverse artists opportunities to create live theatrical experiences and to enrich the culture of the Bay Area & beyond through non-illusory performance”.  We take this goal seriously, and we are committed to amplifying the voices of those who are underrepresented in traditional media and theater.

It’s our view that great art comes from a great mix of artists from all backgrounds, experiences, disciplines, and forms. If you come to the show and find yourself thinking, “There’s no one quite like me on that stage,” help us change that and audition.

What should I prepare?

Auditionees are asked to prepare an original 2-minute piece within the Neo-Futurist aesthetic. The basics are:

  1. You are who you are (i.e., we do not play characters or tell lies about ourselves).
  2. You are where you are (i.e., we do not pretend to be anywhere but the stage we’re on, or room we’re in).
  3. You are doing what you are doing (i.e., an empty cup is an empty cup, not a tankard of ale from which you can guzzle liquid).

In addition to seeing the show, we encourage you to watch this short documentary about the Neo-Futurists for more information. There are also a wealth of Neo-Futurist plays from the San Francisco Neo-Futurists, New York Neo-Futurists, and Neo-Futurists in Chicago on YouTube.

What does it mean to be a Neo-Futurist?

So much, but here are a few nuggets to wet your whistle.

The San Francisco Neo-Futurists are currently engaged in an ongoing, ever-changing of performance every Friday and Saturday night , (3 years and counting), and are a group of artists dedicated non-illusory theater & performance.

As an ensemble member of the San Francisco Neo-Futurists you will perform in our weekly show twice a week for 25+ weeks a year, with other gig opportunities as they arise. Our process embraces both solo working conditions as well as collaborative creation amongst the ensemble.

Performing in our weekly show means joining in a highly fulfilling, and rigorous, creative process. Every Friday and Saturday we attempt to perform 30 short plays withing an hour. After Saturday’s performance, we remove between 2-12 of the plays. On Tuesdays, we replace the plays through a proposal process and set to work rehearsing for that weekend’s performances. This means prolific writing, and constant memorization.

San Francisco Neo-Futurists take on administrative roles to support the company, the weekly show  and other creative projects we devise. We meet once a month for both business & art discussion. It can be a large time commitment, though we try to remain flexible as outside projects arise.

We are an ensemble proudly representing LGBTQ & diverse cultural communities.


I auditioned before, should I audition again?

Of course, but know that your status from previous auditions does not guarantee anything for the current auditions.

I’m [race/sexual orientation/age/background], which is already represented in your ensemble. Is this a waste of time for me?

Not at all. Come and audition. You might offer something we’re looking for. When we cast for the Neo-Futurists, we are looking for a diverse swath of the arts scene in San Francisco. If you feel like you bring something that we’re missing, show us!

I’m [race/sexual orientation/age/background], is this token casting?

No. We will not cast someone just because they are a certain race or orientation. There’s no way around the fact that many of the communities in the Bay Area are silo’d into fairly homogeneous groups. It feels gross to talk about, and hyper-challenging to try to change, but creating a socially representative ecosystem of diverse, talented artists is important to us.

We will not treat artists like a representative of their race/industry/orientation, nor do we expect anyone to come to us with a performance that might stereotypically represent their race, industry, orientation. We are taking a step towards diversity in theater, so bring the type of work you like to create, and we’ll do the same.

How will commitment to this ensemble fit into my overall artistic life?

The first year, you’ll be actively performing in our weekly show about 25 weekends a year, usually in blocks of 3-to-7 weekends at a stretch. Every ensemble member in a given week’s cast will write and propose a few new ~2-minute plays for that week’s show. We schedule one weeknight rehearsal (currently Tuesdays) to choose and prepare new plays, and have pre-performance rehearsals on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Your performance weeks will be intensive experiences, but the exact dates depend on your availability, so although this is a big time commitment, it is designed to work with other opportunities and other projects, not supplant them. This flexibility is part of why and how a Neo-Futurist can stay with the ensemble for several years– active Neos here and in cities across the country have varied careers in theater, writing, music, film, TV, and some even travel internationally to perform at festivals and other gigs, and many have full time jobs — we want to be and stay a group of working artists who do other projects, learn things, and bring those experiences back to enrich the ensemble and enrich our weekly show.