We look forward to welcoming new members into the active ensemble as writers/performers and collaborators in our ongoing, ever-changing show The Infinite Wrench.

Auditions will be held on the 14 and 17 of September, with callbacks on the 23/24 of September. 

As a company our goal is “to provide diverse artists opportunities to create live theatrical experiences and to enrich the culture of the Bay Area & beyond through non-illusory performance.”  We are committed to growing a company that is inclusive, welcoming people of any race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, age, size and ability to audition. 

While The San-Francisco Neo-Futurists primarily create theater, people of all artistic disciplines at any experience level will be considered and are encouraged to audition. 

If you come to the show and find yourself thinking, “There’s no one quite like me on that stage,” help us change that and audition.

This is a long-term commitment. We’re especially interested in people looking to make a two-year commitment to the company.  New Ensemble Members will be required to produce strong written work and creative storytelling on a weekly basis and contribute to the development of our ongoing business.

 If you have questions, or would like to request an audition time, please email audition@sfneofuturists.com


More Information:

What is the structure of the audition process?

Auditions happen in two phases: a first round, by-appointment-only slot in which you’ll present a short work of your own creation within the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, and callbacks. Callbacks will take the form of a weekend-long workshop where you’ll be producing new work both days. Attendance will be requested for the entire time.

Auditionees are highly encouraged to attend The Infinite Wrench Fridays and Saturdays @ 9:00pm. 


What should I prepare?

Auditionees are asked to prepare an original 2-minute piece within the Neo-Futurist aesthetic. The basics are:

  1. You are who you are (i.e., we do not play characters) like this for instance and this and this.
  2. You are where you are (i.e., we do not pretend to be anywhere but the stage we’re on, or room we’re in) like this for instance or this
  3. You are doing what you are doing (i.e., an empty cup is an empty cup)

When you sign up to audition we’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire, provide us with: 

  • A headshot.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be fancy, you can send us a selfie or even a drawing of yourself.  When you audition most of the current ensemble will be present which means we’ll outnumber you by about 10: we want you to feel welcome, and to recognize you when you arrive.
  • A writing sample.  Again, it doesn’t have to be super formal.  Plenty of Neo-Futurists had never written a “proper play” before auditioning; it could be a blog post, or a diary entry or an abstract for a dance piece.  We just want to get as much of a picture of you as an artist as possible.

What else should I know about the auditions? 

We’ll run a tight ship, so arrive early. If you are physically impaired and have specific access requirements, please let us know so we can properly accommodate you.


What does it mean to be a Neo-Futurist?

So much, but here are a few nuggets: 

  • We are a small, weird family of hard-working artists, a dedicated group of non-illusory theater & performance makers. 
  • We are proud to have created an ongoing, ever-changing performance every Friday and Saturday night, for 3 years and counting. 
  • We’re part of a tri-company of Neo-Futurists in Chicago and New York; a tradition of weekly, non-illusory performance that spans 28 years. 

Becoming an ensemble member of the San Francisco Neo-Futurists is a serious commitment.  You will perform in The Infinite Wrench twice a week for 25+ weeks a year, with other gig opportunities as they arise. Our process embraces both solo working conditions as well as collaborative creation amongst the ensemble.  

Performing in our weekly show means joining in a highly fulfilling, and rigorous, creative process. Every Friday and Saturday we attempt to perform 30 short plays within an hour. After Saturday’s performance, we remove between 2-12 of the plays. On Tuesdays, we replace the plays through a proposal process and set to work rehearsing for that weekend’s performances. This means prolific writing, and constant memorization.

San Francisco Neo-Futurists also take on administrative roles to support the company, The Infinite Wrench and other creative projects we devise. We meet once a month for both business & art discussion and ensemble members are expected to contribute to both the administrative and creative development of the company. 



Q. I auditioned before, should I audition again?
A. Of course, but know that your status from previous auditions does not guarantee anything for the current auditions. 

Q. How will commitment to this ensemble fit into my overall artistic life?
A. The first year, you’ll be actively performing in The Infinite Wrench 25 weekends a year, in an average of 5 week blocks. Every ensemble member in a given week’s cast will write and propose new 2-minute plays for that week’s show. We have one weeknight rehearsal on Tuesdays to choose and prepare new plays, and have pre-performance rehearsals on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Q. So, will I have time outside of Neo-Futurism to pursue other artistic endeavors?
A. We want to be and stay a group of working artists who do other projects, learn things, and bring those experiences back to enrich the ensemble and enrich our work. Whilst your first year with the company is generally intense, long-time active Neos here and in cities across the country have varied careers in theater, writing, music, film, TV, and some even travel internationally to perform at festivals and other gigs, and many have full-time jobs.

Q. So I have to write every single week?
A. At least every week that you’re in the show.  Most people write while they’re not performing too so that there is less pressure when it comes to performance weeks.

Q. I don’t have any performance training.  I’m more of a dancer/writer/performance artist/musician… Should I audition?
A. Absolutely.  We believe that great Neo-Futurists come from a really wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds.  If you feel compelled to make art, in a non-illusory format, then you should audition. 

Q. Do I get paid to do this?
Yes!  But, it’s not enough to pay those Bay Area rents.  We pay ourselves $35 per performance weekend, plus reimburse expenses (within reason) for props.  There are sometimes additional opportunities to make money through gigs and teaching.

Q. What are you looking for?
A. Artists who want to rise to the challenge of a weekly performance deadline.  Creators that are willing to get down in the muck and pitch-in.  Surprising performers who will show us an evolution of Neo-futurism we haven’t considered yet.

Q. I don’t see anybody like me in your company, should I still audition?
A. Hell yeah!  If you come to the show and find yourself thinking, “There’s no one quite like me on that stage,” help us change that and audition.

Q. What kind of administrative duties do Neo’s participate in?
A. Being an active ensemble member means helping us shape the future of the San Francisco Neo-Futurists; this means participating in company decisions and events.  This includes marketing, fundraising, planning gigs, teaching, and beyond. We fully encourage each other to invest time in projects or areas of personal interest so there are plenty of different ways to make your mark whilst also contributing to the administrative health of the company.

Q. Is this improv?
A. No, no it’s not.  Unless it’s this. 


What Neos Say About Neo-Futurism

Some thoughts on what it is to be a San Francisco Neo-Futurist from a handful of our newest Neo’s.  If you’d like to read more, you can do so here.

Simon: The best is the rigor of the schedule. You are constantly writing plays and learning plays, and it means that you can never be too precious and never be too proud. It necessitates experimentation and forces you to grow, because ultimately you will get bored with whatever you find safe.

Vanessa: I feel incredibly lucky to be able to make timely work that receives immediate engagement and response from audiences. This ongoing conversation with attentive, curious, opinionated audience members helps me develop and clarify my own perspectives, stay engaged in the news (even when the news isn’t good), and find kinship among other people who want to live in a more just, equitable world. 

Andi: It’s great to be a Neo because you make it a weekly habit to stretch yourself artistically. I’ve learned to take bigger risks and not be afraid of total failure because nothing lasts forever, especially Neo-Futurist plays. It’s also a company that keeps on reminding you that the most important thing is to be yourself.

Questions? Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to get back to you:  audition@sfneofuturists.com